The Premier Application Based Technology Solution Powering Advanced Pay TV Services for Broadband Service Providers

Technology Focused

from any source

  • ATSC
  • Satellite
  • IP
  • SDI
  • EAS

we transcode

  • HEVC
  • AVC
  • MPEG2/4
  • HLS
  • DASH

and protect

  • Verimatrix
  • WideVine
  • PlayReady
  • FairPlay

then distribute

  • Fiber
  • Coax
  • DSL
  • Wireless
    • Fixed
    • Mobile

to every platform

  • Android TV STB
  • Android & IOS
  • Amazon Fire
  • Roku
  • Smart TV
  • Web


  • Pause Live TV
  • Restart TV
  • Network DVR
  • VoD


We solve multiple issues for broadband operators

Solves High Cost of Entry

Des Moines shared headend significantly reduces CAPEX allows sharing of OPEX among multiple operators

Fully Vertical Integrated Technology Partner

Single point of contact for all video technology

Ease of use through simple management tools

Latest features

Features are rolled out on monthly basis from our customers' feedback

Comprehensive Features & Services

Beautiful multi-platform UX

Smart search, federated search, deep linking

Voice search and command

Pause Live TV and Restart TV

Integrated Google Play Store and Amazon Video for VOD

Comprehensive Subscriber Management Systems

DRM & GeoIP Controls

Sophisticated QoS/QoE management tools

Beautiful Multi-platform UX

Trick Play, Restart TV, Cloud DVR

All Trick Play modes supported

Fast Forward x4/Rewind x4

Skip forward/backward (configurable by the BSP)

Chapter on playback – chapter skip/chapter rewind

Sophisticated Restart TV capability

Pause Live TV automatically places subscriber into a Restart TV session

Catchup on all channels

Configurable by channel from 1 hour to 72 hours

Enhanced Cloud DVR

Patented approach enables custom offsets by subscriber

Supports unlimited recordings

Supports any retention policy

Digital Rights Management

Delivery Options

  Option 1 Option 2a Option 2b Option 3
Description Dedicated cloud at customer premise Shared cloud for national & regional channels Shared cloud for national & regional channels Dedicated cloud for national & regional channels
Content Broadcast & PEG channels Only Add national & regional programming from Epic shared cloud Add national & regional programming from Epic shared cloud Add national & regional programming from customer cloud
Delivery Customer access network Internet VPN & customer access network Leased line & customer access network Customer access network

Patented End-to-End Technology

EPIC has three process patents that provide major competitive advantages

Designed to minimize the large bandwidth requirements for video transport

Dynamically converts multicast video to unicast ABR video

100% cache coherency eliminates large bandwidth requirements

Provides for very fast channel change by pre-fetching data from a centralized origin server

Under 1 second channel change

Segment only recording and just-in-time streaming enable individual program time pre and post offsets

No more missing your favorite show’s season finale. Just add extra time to the recording and enjoy

Technology Summation


Redundant cloud system with high availability and automatic fail over

Low bandwidth required to deliver unicast video

Highest quality video encoding

4K HDR Ready

Support for STB as well as BYOD

Superior cost efficiencies

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